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  • KiKaboo who is there :)
Photography by @martinaalvarezmar and @alexanderjairodjaoedjikeppel
  • Come dive at night in Bocas del Toro a place where at night octopus lurk hunting for food in the reefs. Also you may appreciate Bioluminescence effect that will blow your mind and take you back in time where lights in this world where made by nature and not technology. Sorry no video of this so I guess your gonna have to come see it for your self ;)
#positiveenrgy #panama #bocasdeltoro #octopus #bocasdivingpirates #divingpirates
  • Merry Christmas to everyone above and below the surface :)
  • The Lion Fish, he is beautiful & strong yet he is an invasive species here in the Caribbean seas creating unbalance in the ecosystem. In this, we as divers,  as people have a chance to be the balancer, to help nature grow as we were intent to ;)
#unity #panama #lionfish #positiveenergy #divingpirates
  • We are dedicated at teaching people how to dive responsibly and to have fun at the same time, taking care of our oceans and ourselves. Our staff are all local Panamanians for their pasión to share their home is higher then any one else’s. So come and learn how to dive the right way with the Diving Pirates!!!!
@alexis_241596 #panama #bocasdeltoro #scubadiving #stingray
  • The underwater biodiversity does not lack in Bocas del Toro, you only need to Dive Slow, Pay Attention & bring Positive Energy. Dive with Bocas Diving Pirates!!!
#bocasdeltoro #panama #diving #underwaterphotography
  • In nature you must blend in to survive. Come dive with us and explore nature’s incredible underwater behavior :)
  • We have been doing clean up dives for almost a year now and this day we’re only able to fill 2 mesh bags with trash compared to our previous dives. And this makes us very HAPPY!!! To see that progress has been made thanks to all the people who have taking the initiative to make a change for a cleaner Bocas del Toro!!!
Thank you all for your support and we hope that soon one day we are no longer able to do clean up dives for there will no longer be any trash underwater.
One Day :)
  • Free diving the Ferry Wreck, please don’t try this without proper safety procedures ;) #freediving #underwaterwreck #panama #bocasdeltoro #bocasdivingpirates #positivevibes
  • We recommend you go nice and slow when diving in Bocas del Toro to find as many hidden creatures as you can. We are good at that, so come dive with us and let us show you the hidden wonders of Bocas!!! #bocasdivingpirates #panama #scubadiving #bocasdeltoro #octopus #carribbean #positiveenergy
  • Best time of the year to go diving outside the bay in Bocas del Toro, Panamá. 
Come dive with us to Bastimentos and Peninsula Valiente :) @martinaalvarezmar @juampisurf @alexis_241596 
#bocasdivingpirates #scubadiving #panama #photography #positiveenergy #bocasdeltoro
  • After a couple of dives, enjoying a sunny day with a fresh breeze, with our new Friends, marry, sean, bastien, thea & ben.

Thank you guys for diving with us. !

Welcome to the Diving Pirates Family! 
Come and dive with PADI Professional LOCAL Divers!!! 💪🏿💪🏻💪🏽 And what are you waiting for? Come and discover the wonderful world that lays hidden underneath the seas!!! If you want to dive, talk to us! 📸 
@thea_alary ( @alexis_241596 dive instructor ) .
@paditv #scubadiving #divingpanama #islacolon #bocasdeltoro #goodlife #caribean #relax #buceo #pirates .
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